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Jesus, Our Great High Priest

Jesus, Our Great High Priest

I am now in the book of Hebrews
And it is one of my very favorite Books of the Bible.

Theme: The Priesthood of Christ.

Jesus, the beginning and the end.

Ever wonder why we pray “In Christ Name”
As the end of our prayers.

Our Only Access to God is through Jesus Christ.
We come to know God by Salvation through Christ and
Our relationship with God continues through Jesus Christ.

Many try to gain access to God by other means.
It just Does Not Work That Way.

A brief Explanation about our Need for a Priest
Someone to represent us before the Lord our God..

During the time of the Old Testament Covenant,
The temple was built after being moved around for many years in tents.
The High Priest was the only one allowed to go into the Holies of Holies { the innermost sanctum} and then only one time each year to make atonement for the sins of the people.

He offered sacrifices for himself first and then for the people.
Hebrews 5:3
Usually a lamb, but only One Without Blemish.
And the sins of the people were essentially rolled forward one more year.
Remember it is Not possible that sin is forgiven by the blood of bulls and goats.

And rolled forward every year after that, to be placed upon and Covered By the Blood of Christ.

When Christ, who was and is our Lamb Without Blemish {remember Jesus Never Committed Sin and He also Did Not Inherit the Sin Principle.
When Adam and Eve sinned, every birth after that inherited the Sin Principle { You might think sort of in their DNA} Everyone….They were Conceived in Sin.

But Jesus was Not Conceived by man, but Conceived by the Holy Spirit so He did Not inherit the sin principle , Nor did He Ever One Time Commit Sin.

So Christ was the Only One Pure that could Die an Atoning Death and Pay the Eternal Price for Your Sin and Mine.
If Christ were conceived in sin or ever committed sin, then one could say that He died for His own sin.
But He did NOT.

Remember when Christ was Crucified, the Temple Veil was Torn from Top to Bottom.

Torn by God, Not Man.

We could Never open up our own access to God.
God open it down to Us.

Christ, being the final sacrifice.
He now allows us to come Directly into His Holy Presence.

And God is so Holy that He can Not look upon sin. But He now sees us as Righteous, just like His son. Purified by the Blood of Christ.
This is why only un-confessed sin in our live can hinder our communication with God.
He can not hear us. He cannot look upon us.
We confess first and then take our concerns to Him

Now, we are told that we can Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace and Obtain Mercy and Grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16
This is another one of my favorite scriptures. And I use it at the start of many prayers. I remind God that He has told me that I can come boldly to His throne, and YES I can Name Drop.
Ever accused of Name Dropping? Here we Can and Should Name Drop the Name of Christ. For it is through Him, because we KNOW Him and are Known by Him that we can come to Gods’ Throne.
And I remind Him, not because He needs to be reminded but that I need to be reminded of His Promise to me.

The scriptures tell us that Christ is now sitting at the right hand of God Making intercession for us, often with moaning and groaning.

Have you ever reached the time when you really just do not know how to pray or what to pray for? When I reach this pint, and I do, I just go to the Lord Jesus and ask Him to pray to the Father for me.
Jesus is my Great High Priest and He alone is the only one that can intercede for me. And YES, He is right there and has the Father’s ear.

Remember to call upon the Lord when you are tempted, Hebrews 2:18
Christ understands, He also was tempted, but without sin. He alone understands and can help us to overcome.

There are so many lessons in these 4 chapters, and I would love to share them all. I also know that our time is limited and so is our attention span.
Perhaps in another blog.

We can talk about coming into Gods’ Rest.
Or that Obedience is better than sacrifice.

And above all else, remember, that while in today’s society it is not considered good to Name Drop……Nothing pleases God More.
When you pray, consider it an Honor and a Privilege to Name Drop the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray in Christ’s Name.

Your Friend In Christ,


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