Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well, I am only 2 weeks into my committment to do my new tithe.

So far, what I have done......I am taking out what I have promised the Lord.
And I am expecting Him to supply the money for bills.

That is giving Him my FirstFruits.

Would you not rather have 90% plus God rather than 100% minus God?

I keep telling myself that He Will Supply All Of My Needs According To HIS Riches In Christ Jesus.

Now of course He has Already Supplied our Needs {Salvation} through Christ Jesus.

I had a discussion the other day with a family member. She said she had written checks before, to the Lord [With Money She Did NOt have } and expected the Lord to supply it.
And the checks bounced. But I feel this is expecting God to Supply His own Tithe.....rather than sowing it ourself out of our blessings from Him.

The devil attacts me every hour, telling me I can not do this.

But the Big Question is......How Can We Trust God For Something As Important As Our Salvation.....And Then Not Trust Him For Our Daily Needs.

I noticed someting interesting on my Microsoft Word.
It kept trying to get me to cvapotalize the word satan or devil.

I won't give him that recognizition.

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